What value is the Book of Abraham Text? The Most Important Question.

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Kerry Muhlestein, professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University, PhD in Egyptology at UCLA in 2003.

We’ve talked so much about everything around the text; is there value in the text itself?

Since the discussion of how we got the text is actually only speculative, the one thing we do have that is real is the text itself. If anyone is going to discover if it is of God or from a wicked, adulterous con artist’s imagination, they will only find the answer in the text.

So the proof claims of the Book of Abraham have nothing to do with how we got the text, but what the text actually says and claims. Since the main purpose of the text is spiritual, most of the proving, must happen on an individual spiritual basis. We must test its spiritual fruits. Does reading this text influence me to be closer to God or to be disobedient to his desires for me? Am I influenced to be a better person as a result of reading this? If we are serious in discovering the authenticity of the Book of Abraham, this must be the main focus of our search.

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