This site identifies major challenges faced by Mormons. These challenges are presented succinctly and responded to succinctly by those alert to underlying questionable assumptions often held by non-Mormons and Mormons alike.

The Faith Challenges category features the introductory film Alone, which shows the sincerity of most of those who face challenges of faith. In this category are also posts with intellectual guidelines for dealing with these challenges, as well as videos dealing with a variety of issues that tend to challenge faith. The philosophy series shows how major thinkers in Western Civilization prepared the world for the restoration of early Christian views of God, man and the universe.

The general categories of Scriptures and History challenges contain sub categories with videos about particular books of scripture, like the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon, and historical occurrences, like the First Vision and polygamy. For more extensive understanding of the issues of each video, descriptions below the videos are provided with links to other sources.

The Life Challenges category features videos about challenges Mormons and non-Mormons face in their lives. One series in this category shows how we can experience a transformation of our lives by remembering the captivity and deliverance of our hearts

Our hope is that when Mormons and non-Mormons alike consider these challenges carefully, they will both come closer to the truth and find themselves increasingly free, without compulsion, to make wise choices about their faith and their lives.

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