Feeling alone, Justin shares with his father and wife his concerns about his church and comes to a new understanding of his faith and those he loves.

In any religious endeavor there are always reasons to doubt along with the reasons to believe. Because religion involves humans at every level here on earth, there are weaknesses in every religion. But there are also virtues and truths in almost all religions or belief systems. Even the New Testament is not shy about revealing the weaknesses of the church at that time. It was not perfect then, so why should we expect it to be now? Latter-day Saints are taught to not take any man’s word for anything, but to study it out in their own minds and test it spiritually. Why not assume that God will lead us to truth in the long run if we are sincere and continue in faith? There is no reason to fear truth, so why not humble ourselves and keep searching, never assuming we know all there is to know about anything?

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  1. Greg Kearney Reply

    Very nice. As an LDS Freemason I often have occasion to deal with similar issues involving the temple endowment. This was a very effective video in particular the ending.

  2. Geoffrey Whitehead Reply

    Living Down-under (Aust) and found the presentation of each was excellent very professional, also the Proffesor was very believable and sincere, Please continue these quality presentations. Please Subscribe me to your organisation [email protected] Thank You…

    Kind Regards

  3. Geoffrey Whitehead Reply

    I loved this video and the common difficulties faced by individuals in various states of growth and personal development. I am the only member left in my family and that cause me sadness, However I am so thankful for the material that you are bring to those seeking answers, I am glad that where I live we don’t have the same exposure faced by members in the USA. That has made us stronger and I have NEVER doubted my Testimony or In anyway questioned the truthfulness of the restored Gospel. However I never took it for granted, I am always exploring the gospel principals. Finally I have always said you cannot attend the Temple regularly and not have your life changed, and that’s only one Principal of this glorious Gospel…

  4. Cliff Bentley Reply

    You might want to change the way you link to the youtube website to show the _Alone_ video. As soon as it’s done, the video window is filled with a bunch of seriously anti-mormon videos from all over youtube. ouch! I don’t think that’s what you’re hoping to do!

  5. Tom Armstrong Reply

    In the video, the young lady makes the comment to her husband, “that’s poison”. I have been a member a number of years and remember the first time I was faced with challenging question like the ones presented in this video. There is a sickening feeling one gets when faced with information that has the spirit of deceit, betrayal, or dishonesty. I have heard it all. I think. What I have found through the years that is where you start, and “ask Is this True?” Many times they cannot answer. I love the idea of your website. Great Blog posts. Joseph Smith, that boy prophet, he was truly amazing. Keep up the good work. Sometimes it takes time to understand our own questions. One took me 6 years before I found the answer but that concrete answer came after I exercised faith. God Bless you.

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