Why wouldn't Other Egyptologists Join the Mormon Church? Spiritual Conversion Needed.

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Kerry Muhlestein, professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University, PhD in Egyptology at UCLA in 2003.

Mormons do not believe there are evidences that can be used to prove to the five senses of anyone that the Book of Abraham or anything else in the church to be of God. People don’t become Mormons because it was scientifically proven to them to be true. It is a spiritual experience.

God has intentionally prevented us from having enough evidence to prove any spiritual truth by only using our 5 senses. The belief that things like the Bible, Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham can be proven to be the word of God to the masses would also require Jesus to reveal himself to the masses on worldwide TV and be visiting regularly with humans as commonly as heads of state or other human leaders. If you believe in God, you have to accept the fact that He expects us to learn certain spiritual realities through spiritual means.

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